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Located in the pristine mountains of Northern Arizona, Nutri-Health has been a leader in the supplement industry for over 25 years. Our passion for promoting health and well-being is expressed in everything we do for our customers, community, and environment. We strive to offer our customers high quality, research-backed probiotics, enzymes, and other nutritional supplements, while providing first-class customer service. At the same time, we’re dedicated to positively impact the health of those in need with ongoing fundraising for charitable organizations

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  • kale salad

    Marinated Purple Kale Salad

    (Serves 4-6)
    Kale is a powerhouse vegetable. With its high levels of vitamin A, E, and C it helps to reduce inflammation and support your joints. And, research from Harvard Medical School found that cruciferous and leafy green vegetables, like kale, were shown to slow cognitive decline in women more than any other vegetable type. Kale...

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  • healthy-snack-mix

    Sweet and Spicy Snack Mix

    Many commercial snack foods are loaded with fat, sodium, and sugar. For a healthy alternative, make your own snack mix for your next party. This combination of low-sugar Chex, fiber-rich chickpeas, dried fruit and spices is sure to be a crowd pleaser. Best of all, it’s easy to prepare and you can make it the...

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    The post Sweet and Spicy Snack Mix appeared first on Nutri-Health Supplements Official Blog.

  • fall activities

    Five Fun & Healthy Fall Activities

    Fall is my favorite season. Visiting pumpkin patches and going on hayrides with my kids. Watching the leaves change from green to shades of red, orange and yellow. And, that air. That crisp, clean air is simply refreshing after months of heat and humidity.
    The fall season is packed with activities you can do outside. Here...

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    The post Five Fun & Healthy Fall Activities appeared first on Nutri-Health Supplements Official Blog.