Bone Health

Vision Loss? Here’s How to Stay Safe at Home

Impaired vision is something everyone becomes concerned with as they age. It’s something that can steal your independence… no more driving or going out of the house alone.
However, there’s another problem with vision loss that may be of even greater concern. Poor eyesight greatly increases your risk of a fall.

The Best Exercises to Build Strong Bones

Your bones are living tissue and, like muscle, get stronger with exercise. Exercising regularly can help slow bone loss, build muscle strength, and improve balance, which reduces the risk of falling.
Prevention of osteoporosis through exercise actually begins in your youth when bone growth and development is most active. Research has shown that girls who are…

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Vitamin D and the Inflammation Connection

Vitamin D has long been known to contribute to bone health by promoting the absorption of calcium. In recent years, much attention has been paid to its possible immune and inflammatory benefits. Low Vitamin D levels have been linked to many chronic inflammatory conditions.
In a new study, researchers examined the specific mechanisms by which Vitamin…

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