Sinus Health

Avoid These Three Common Sinus Mistakes

If you’re on the sinus roller coaster—finding temporary relief only to have your symptoms return—one of these common sinus mistakes could be prolonging your misery.
Drying out Your Sinuses. Decongestants and antihistamines may stop your nose from running or help you breathe through your clogged nose, but that relief is temporary at best.  In the end,…

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Probiotics: The Natural Way to Clear Bad Bacteria Out of the Nose

The incidence of nasal and sinus infections is rising and the treatment options by doctors are becoming more and more challenging due to antibiotic resistant “superbugs.” Antibiotic resistance is an enormous problem worldwide.
Before 1980, 99% of the strains that commonly cause bacterial sinus infections could be treated with penicillin. Now it estimated that more than…

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