Calorie Restriction Boosts Mood and Increases Sex Drive

Calorie restriction is something most people associate with weight loss programs. But today, scientists are learning that restricting calories—no matter what weight you are—can come with some impressive benefits.
In a new study, researchers evaluated the effects on calorie restriction in 220 non-obese adults with BMIs from 22 to 28. These people were divided into two…

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Sleep Flushes Waste from Brain

Today there is a lot of research zeroing in on the clearance of Alzheimer’s plaques. These are deposits of beta amyloid that accumulate in the brain. Now, however, we’re learning the brain has a “draininge” system that flushes amyloid and other waste from the brain. It’s been dubbed the glymphatic system.
“If the glymphatic system fails…

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Early Risers have better Metabolism

During our lifetimes, we tend to develop fairly consistent patterns when it comes to our sleep-wake cycles. This is referred to as the “chronotype” of our underlying circadian rhythms. On one side of the coin you’ll find the morning chronotype, or the early bird. On the flip slide is the night chronotype, or what we…

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