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Ease Upper GI Complaints with TruDigest

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Ease Occasional Bloating, Gut Pain and Other Upper GI Complaints

Do you suffer from upper GI symptoms like occasional bloating, stomach pressure, feeling too full, nausea, and belching? TruDigest® is an all-in-one approach from Nutri-Health Supplements that targets every critical digestive process, to help you find the natural digestive support you are looking for.

The exclusive combination of clinically researched ingredients in TruDigest work together to help:

  • Relieve bloating and abdominal discomfort
  • Ease ordinary stomach aches and fullness
  • Avoid stomach upset, gurgling, and nausea
  • Address occasional burping, belching, and acid indigestion
  • Calm intestinal spasms and relax your stomach

With each daily dose of TruDigest you get:

Benegut™ from a proprietary extract of Perilla frutenscens. A double-blind, placebo controlled study found that Benegut reduced occasional gas and feelings of fullness, and eased GI discomfort and rumbling.

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GutGard® supports a healthy balance of stomach acidity. This standardized DGL (de-glycrrhizinized licorice) is a higher potency than generic licorice extract. In double-blind placebo controlled studies GutGard helped to relieve occasional upper GI symptoms including: acid indigestion, belching, bloating, upper GI d and fullness, nausea, and regurgitation.

Magnolia Bark Extract has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for digestive problems since 100 A.D. The active compounds in magnolia bark help balance the release of acetylcholine, the digestive chemical that tells your stomach to relax, to help ease occasional stomach spasms.

Curcumin is a health-boosting compound found in the Indian spice turmeric that supports optimal gallbladder function. A properly functioning gallbladder is critical for healthy digestion because when you eat fatty foods, your gallbladder releases bile to break down the fats in your small intestine. When bile production is not working optimally, fats are not able to be broken down, which can lead to slow stomach emptying and all other complaints like constipation and gas.

A randomized, double-blind crossover study found that 40 mg of curcumin (standardized to 95%) stimulated the gallbladder to contract, supporting the body’s natural release of bile into your small intestine in order to break down fat. You get the research dose of curcumin, at the optimal standardization, in TruDigest.

Digestive Enzyme Complex helps break down the foods you eat. Research shows that digestive enzyme production starts to decrease by the time you’re 20, declining every ten years after that. Without enough digestive enzymes, food does not get broken down properly, causing it to ferment in your stomach and small intestines. This not only leads to bloating and discomfort, it can also trigger constipation and even diarrhea. Different enzymes are needed to break down different food groups. You get these five enzymes in TruDigest:

  • Alpha-amylase helps digest starches carbohydrates
  • Protease helps digest proteins
  • Lipase helps with the digestion of fats.
  • Cellulase breaks down fiber in grains and vegetables
  • Hemi-Cellulase breaks down certain indigestible components of plant fibers including legumes and vegetables such as cabbage, cauliflower, and broccoli

Don't let bloating, belching, or fullness impact one more day of your life.

Order TruDigest now and experience real, lasting relief from your upper GI complaints.

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