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  • New Arnica Topical Balm


    Topical Relief for Sore Joints and Muscles

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    Arnica is a popular herb, traditionally used to ease sore muscles and joints. Most topical products contain a maximum of 15% Arnica. New Arnica-80 Topical Body Balm contains 80% Arnica flower, plus cayenne and essential oils, blended in a base of nutrient-rich oils and butters. Applied topically, Arnica-80:

    • Helps relieve sore joints and muscles.
    • Protects healthy skin
  • NH-D3 - Vitamin D3

    NH-D3 Cellular Health Support

    Cellular Health Support

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    Adequate levels of vitamin D may help to ensure:

    • Memory remains sharp
    • Bones stay strong
    • Blood sugar is balanced

    This product is out of stock and not available for purchase.

  • Joint & Muscle Health

    ArthroZyme® Joint & Muscle

    Joint & Muscle Health

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    ArthroZyme® is a powerful daily supplement to support:

    • Relief from fibrin buildup that can cause joint and muscle stiffness
    • Healthy joints, range of motion and mobility

Muscle and Joint Supplements

To maintain an active lifestyle, you want to make sure your joints stay comfortable and flexible, and your bones stay strong.

For lasting joint health and comfort you need to address the main factors that can cause joint discomfort and stiffness. Our advanced joint supplement, ArthroZyme Plus, gives you powerful weapons to target four of the main triggers associated with joint discomfort: 5-LOX, MMP3, fibrin and bradykin. The combination of natural ingredients in ArthroZyme Plus—at research dosages—supports your joint health so you can stay mobile, flexible and comfortable.

And lastly, if your muscles are sore and stiff after exercise, your cells may be low on ATP energy. Studies have found supplementing with a sugar derivative of ATP called d-ribose can help ease everyday muscle soreness and stiffness after a work-out. Our D-Ribose Gold™ delivers 5g of pure d-ribose in each serving.