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Sinus Supplements

Supplements for sinus health should address the key issues related to nasal health: proper mucus flow, comfortable sinus pressure, and the release of dried up mucus. Flora Sinus offers a dual-action solution to promote nasal comfort and overall sinus health.

A favorite among Nutri-Health customers for supporting sinus health, Flora Sinus promotes comfortable levels of sinus pressure and eases nasal congestion with a combination of sinus-supporting probiotics and NAC—an amino acid shown to be effective in thinning mucus.

Learn more about how probiotics support your sinus health with Probiotics and Your Sinus Health by Dr. John G. Thomas. This comprehensive booklet covers the connection between gut and sinus health, the “big four” probiotics for sinus health, and the key role of mucus for optimal sinus health.

Sinus Health

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