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Probiotics and your Sinus Health - Book

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Groundbreaking 44-Page Booklet: Probiotics and your Sinus Health by Dr. John G. Thomas.

Probiotics and your Sinus Health?

Dr. John G. Thomas finds that healthy nasal mucus is essential to proper sinus function. Nasal mucus is loaded with immune cells that wash away harmful microbes before they can make you sick.

"Most of us harbor the assumption that our noses should be dry,” says Dr. John G. Thomas, award-winning microbiologist and author of Probiotics and Your Sinus Health."

"The best health solution is just the opposite: don’t dry up the mucus! Let it flow freely and do its job as a barrier against harmful microbes."

"If your mucus becomes too thick and stagnant, it stays in your sinuses and nasal cavity and becomes a perfect incubator for bacteria, fungi and viruses."

Your booklet includes chapters on:

  • Sinus Conditions
  • The Power of Probiotics
  • The Connection between Sinus and Gut Health
  • The Big Four Probiotics for Sinus Health

About Professor John G. Thomas

Professor John G. Thomas, PhD, has been a clinical microbiologist for more than 40 years. He integrates four academic and educational positions at West Virginia university, and holds teaching positions at Rutgers University and internationally is a visiting professor at Cardiff University and National University of Singapore.

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Science and Research - Probiotics and your Sinus Health - Book

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