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Program Rules

As a Nutri-Health Refer a Friend Program Member, you may be eligible to receive referral reward(s) for introducing a friend or family member to Nutri-Health Supplements. To be eligible for a referral reward:

You must be a Nutri-Health Refer a Friend Program Member,You must refer a friend or family member ("referee") who has never shopped at Nutri-Health Supplements, and The referee must sign up to become a Nutri-Health Refer a Friend Program Member.

After referral reward eligibility has been verified, you will receive an email notification with information about your reward and how to redeem it. Orders placed with referral rewards must subtotal no less than $25.00 USD. Referral rewards may be applied to product value only; rewards cannot be applied to taxes or shipping. Referral rewards must be redeemed within 60 days of issuance. Limit one account per person.

Monetary referral rewards, including cash discounts/coupons, may be used for only one transaction. If the value of the reward exceeds the value of the product purchased in the transaction, the unused portion of the reward will be forfeited. There will be no refunds or balances maintained for partially used rewards.

Nutri-Health does not permit Members to:

Purchase advertisements, such as Google Adwords, linking to Nutri-Health Supplements using a referral link; In any way trick or deceive customers into clicking a referral link without their knowledge;

Use the Nutri-Health Supplements trademark in a manner not consistent with the Program’s Terms and Conditions; Sell referral codes or "how-to" guides; Use referral codes to purchase any products from Nutri-Health Supplements for resale; or Exploit the Program or assist other Members or referees in exploiting the Program.

Members committing any of the above prohibited conduct may, at Nutri-Health Supplements sole discretion, receive a courtesy notification that they are in violation of the Program's terms and conditions. Repeated or wanton abuse of the Program will result in a Member's disqualification from the program. In the event a Member uses referral code(s) to make purchases on Nutri-Health Supplements for resale, Member shall be immediately disqualified, and Member shall be liable to Nutri-Health Supplements for the referral code(s) value used.