Vinpocetine for Brain Health

Vinpocetine is an alkaloid synthesized from vincamine, a natural compound found in the leaves of the periwinkle flower.

Periwinkle has been used traditionally for centuries to address a wide variety of health concerns. It was used as a folk remedy to promote blood sugar health in Europe. In India, juice from the leaves was used to treat wasp stings. In China, Central and South America it was used as a homemade cold remedy. And, throughout the Caribbean, an extract from the flower was used to make a solution to soothe eye irritation.

Often referred to it as “violet of the sorcerers”, this blueish-purple botanical also had a reputation as a magical plant. English herbalists believed that the trailing evergreen ground cover of the periwinkle plant could be gathered only on the 1st, 9th, 11th, or 13th day of the Moon by a person cleansed of all impurities. And, those who carried the plant believed that they were protected from the devil and safe from the bites of rabid dogs and venomous serpents.

In present day time, periwinkle’s alkaloid, vinpocetine, is showing promise for supporting cognitive health by improving blood flow to the brain. Increasing blood flow to the brain is essential to keeping your brain healthy and active. That’s because your blood delivers all of the oxygen and nutrients necessary for robust brain and nerve cell functioning. But even during normal aging, blood flow to the brain may decrease by as much as 20%.

Brain health and Vinpocetine180 day money back guaranteeVinpocetine helps improve blood flow to your brain two ways. First, it helps increase the smooth muscle function of the arteries leading to your brain and reduces resistance in cerebral blood vessels, helping blood flow smoothly and easily. Second, the alkaloid enhances healthy blood flow to your brain by supporting enzymes that allow oxygen to be easily distributed to your cells.

In a study reported in the medical journal Angiology, 20 elderly patients with an average age 76 were given 15 mg of vinpocetine a day for eight weeks. Researchers used Doppler ultrasonic technology to measure blood flow in the internal carotid artery, a key artery to the brain. The results showed that the alkaloid significantly increased blood flow to the brain by 14% after treatment.

Our Memoril contains 30 mg of vinpocetine in each daily dose to improve blood flow into the brain, which in turn provides support for memory, focus and mental clarity.